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February 04, 2018

My goal is to figure out the tips and tricks of professional football players and also give you a glimpse into their personal and professional lives. In this episode, I talk with Amanda Ruller (@AMANDAbolic), a current LFL football player that has competed for team Canada in the 2017 women’s world championship. Outside of football she has competed in soccer, track & field, bobsledding & she even has competed in the Olympics for skeleton.

In her free time, outside of all that she is a personal trainer, a model and has even acted in the movie Baywatch. Amanda and I got into lots of conversations that you have not heard before. One of my favourite parts is when she openly shared about the difficulty of getting over her father’s death and how it actually made her set her goals higher and worker harder to honour him. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy.

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Show Notes
  • 2:24

    Goal setting

  • 3:47

    Current goals

  • 5:24

    What was it like to play for team Canada?

  • 6:09

    When did she first get into football?

  • 6:46

    Favourite position to play

  • 8:44

    Favourite football players

  • 9:46

    What message would you put on a fortune cookie?

  • 12:10

    What book have you recommended or gifted most often?

  • 13:39

    Tell me about a time when something didn’t work out for you and you were disappointed but now you are grateful it turned out that way.

  • 15:20

    When do you let young athletes use weights?

  • 18:39

    How she teaches speed when training

  • 24:40

    Rituals that she does before a game

  • 25:48

    Morning routine

  • 26:17


  • 27:10

    Best purchase under $150

  • 27:37

    Who do you think of when you think of the word success?

  • 28:24

    Favourite memory as a player



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People Mentioned

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Don Narcisse

Darren Sproles


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