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February 04, 2018

My goal is to figure out the tips and tricks of professional football players and also give you a glimpse into their personal and professional lives. In this episode, I talk to former CFL player and current NFL player, Brett Jones (@brettjones69). Brett was drafted 16th overall by the Calgary Stampeders after many teams thought he would take up medicine instead of having a career in the CFL. Calgary won the lottery in such a successful player like Brett. Through his two years with the Stampeders, he has won the Most Outstanding Rookie award, CFL West All Star, CFL All Star, Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman award and to top it all off, winning the Grey Cup in his final year. He then signed with the New York Giants of the NFL. For the past two years, Brett has been an understudy learning from the best of the best. Now going into his third season after thirteen solid games under his belt, he’s looking for greatness, looking for a chance to start. Brett and I got into lots of conversations that you have not heard before… we talked about renovations, his engineering degree and living the NFL dream. When I play professionally, I want an offensive lineman like Brett Jones, but without further ado, I hope you enjoy.

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Show Notes
  • 2:50

    As a professional football player, why are you finishing your degree?

  • 5:02

    How does your routine change between the regular season and the offseason?

  • 7:30

    Morning routine

  • 8:10

    Do you meditate?

  • 9:46

    Do you set goals? How old were you when you set the goal to play professionally?

  • 12:34

    Take me back to your the first game as a New York Giant.

  • 13:24

    Tell me about a time when something didn’t work out for you and you were disappointed at the time but now you are grateful it turned out that way.

  • 16:58

    Should young athletes participate in multiple sports or should they specialize?

  • 18:06

    What player would you pretend to be on the playground?

  • 20:25

    Why did you decide to play offensive line?

  • 21:07

    What message would you put on a fortune cookie?

  • 21:49

    What book have you gifted most often?

  • 25:18

    Craziest or cutiest fan moment

  • 25:45

    In your opinion, what critical skills must an offensive lineman have?

  • 26:25

    What skills enable you to play at the NFL level?

  • 28:27

    How would you teach your younger self?

  • 30:40

    How has playing in the NFL made you a better player?

  • 32:10

    Rituals that he does before a game

  • 36:44

    Being a backup in New York, what do you do to stay motivated?

  • 37:19

    Who do you think of when you hear the word success?

  • 38:25

    What defensive players have you found to be the most challenging.?

  • 39:04

    What tools or equipment does your team use to prevent or recover from injuries?

  • 40:39

    Favourite memory as a player




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