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February 04, 2018
My goal is to figure out the tips and tricks of professional football players and also to give you a glimpse into their personal and professional lives. In this episode, I talk to Jarious Jackson, a former player with both the NFL & CFL and currently the Offensive Coordinator of the BC Lions.  Jarious’ career started in 2000, when he got drafted to the NFL’s Denver Broncos in the seventh round pick number 214, to be precise. Pro scouts projected that Jarious could develop into a solid quarterback, if placed into the right system. And they were right, but not in the NFL.  After four years of being the backup in Denver, he was released and pursued the CFL only to sign with the BC Lions. After eight solid years he was released and then signed with the Toronto Argonauts, becoming a big part of the Argonauts 2012 Grey Cup win, collecting his fourth Grey Cup ring and retiring that same year. Jarious wasn’t out of football for long though, he started coaching the next season as the Lions’ coach. He coached in the CFL for five years and is now back where he started as the Lions’ Offensive Coordinator contributing to the team and helping out their Offence. Jarious and I got into lots of conversations that you have not heard before. We talk about his rituals, his goal to eventually becoming a head coach, and his training routine.  But without further ado, I hope you enjoy.



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Show Notes
  • 3:30

    How were winning each of his four Grey Cups different?

  • 6:10

    Do you set goals? How old were you when you set the goal to play professionally?

  • 9:15

    When did you set the goal to become a coach?

  • 10:20

    Do you meditate?

  • 10:47

    What message would you put on a fortune cookie?

  • 11:07

    What book have you gifted most often?

  • 12:03

    What player would you pretend to be on the playground?

  • 13:18

    Tell me about a time when something didn’t work out for you and you were disappointed at the time but now you are grateful it turned out that way.

  • 14:25

    Craziest or cutiest fan moment

  • 14:50

    Critical skills that a quarterback must have to be successful

  • 18:48

    What are the biggest mistakes that you see at the professional level?

  • 21:34

    Rituals before a game

  • 23:10

    Morning routine.

  • 23:20

    Who do you think of when you hear the word success?

  • 23:55

    Favourite memory as a player



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