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February 04, 2018

My goal is to figure out the tips and tricks of professional football players and also to give you a glimpse into their personal and professional lives. In this episode, I talk to
Naaman Roosevelt. Naaman is a current slot back with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and my grandmas favourite player. Not just because of his playing style on the field but also because his contribution to the community and his outside interests. Naaman has inspired me to make the best out of the opportunities in life cause we only get so few

And that you get and to be more rounded to take time for other hobbies I have. He has inspired me to paint my own cleats and write my own rap music. My favourite part of our interview was when we did a rap off I sang one of my songs and he sang one about his childhood friend who passed away but without further ado I hope you enjoy

But without further ado I hope you enjoy!


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Show Notes
    • 2:12


    • 3:25

      Rap off

    • 7:38

      What keeps him going through tough times

    • 9:53

      What would you focus on if you were teaching your younger self?

    • 11:31

      Keys to getting to the next level.

    • 13:40

      How old were you the you set the goal to become a professional football player?

    • 14:41

      How playing basketball can make you a better receiver.

    • 15:32

      What are the road blocks to becoming a professional football player?

    • 16:26

      Goal setting

    • 17:10

      Should I play flag or tackle football?

    • 18:25

      The benefits of playing quarterback

    • 20:12

      What are the critical skills of a slotback?

    • 22:22

      What players did you pretend to be on the playground?

    • 23:26

      If you could put a message on a fortune cookie what would it say?

    • 24:01

      Rituals before a game.

    • 25:40

      Can you tell me about a time when something didn’t work out for you and you were disappointed at the time but now your grateful it turned out that way?

    • 27:27

      Can you tell me about your craziest or cutest fan moment?

    • 28:27

      Who was your favourite coach?

    • 30:05

      What teammate inspires you?

    • 31:00

      Morning routine.

    • 31:35

      Best purchase he’s made under $150?

    • 31:59

      What book have you recommended or gifted most often.

    • 32:21

      When you feel unfocused or have a loss focus temporarily what do you do?>/li>

    • 33:09

      Who do you think about when you hear the word success?

    • 35:45

      Favourite memory as a player.




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